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The purpose of sustainable agriculture is to preserve and expand natural resources along with creating a quality lifestyle and environment for humans and animals. It fulfills the textile needs and requirements of the people without compromising and restraining the natural resources for the future. Sustainable agriculture not just helps in natural resource prevention but also benefits the environment. It is because of the role of sustainable growth in preserving water, maintaining the quality of soil, and reducing erosion. To create and maintain sustainability, it is ensured that the agriculture practices create a healthy environment and economic profitability, and socio-economic equity. Comega, a company by Sayban Group, is making sure that the agricultural production is creating more opportunities for the farmers. The main purpose is to enhance the capacity and capability of the farmers. We are doing so by educating the farmers. Our technical professionals spread across the country to interact and educate more than 25,000 farmers so that we can provide them consultancy

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