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Sugarcane is high value cash crop of Pakistan and is significantly important for sugar and sugar related industries in the national economy. It provides raw material for industry which is the country’s second largest agro-industry sector after textiles. 2017-18, witnessed another record season for the sugarcane crop production tons showing an increase of 7.4 percent over the last year’s production of 75.482 tons which comfortably exceeded the target of 70.3 million tons by a considerable margin of 15.4 percent. Its production accounts 3.6 percent in agriculture’s value addition and 0.7 percent in overall GDP. Sugarcane crop was cultivated on an area of 1,313 compared to last year’s area of 1,218 thousand hectares witnessed an increase of 7.8 percent. The sugarcane production increased due to increase in area sown as good economic return encouraged the growers to bring more area under cultivation and comparatively timely payments from sugar mills last year.

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