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Muhammad Azam Cheema
Chairman Sayban Group

Sayban means shelter and as business group we are dedicated to take every possible measure to provide a much needed support to the farmer whose sweat and blood goes into making agriculture the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. But the irony is that the farmer with little training and inadequate financial strength is far behind to countering the challenges posed by uncertain weather, water shortage and other climate threats. Relying on its experience and expertise, Sayban Group is geared to assist the farming community with consultancy, equipment, technology and continuous R&D of the fertilizers with a vision to increase yields for macro and micro economic prosperity.

Sustainability is the core of our initiatives and operations particularly in highly intense and communities. We are focused on minimizing the impact of our endeavors on the environment and biodiversity. Therefore, we are striving to maximize the “per acre yield” through better agro industry, I realized very soon that a lot of farming techniques and improved agrochemicals for farmer’s profitability so that he could invest surplus funds back on the education and health of the family and could enrich his socio-economic landscape.

As a diverse and inclusive organization, we promote mutual respect and harmony among our employees where everyone is recognized and rewarded for ownership and hard work. We are grateful to our valued customers for reposing their trust and confidence in quality of our products and services and it always provides us the impetus to achieve phenomenal growth.

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